Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Getting Started

Well folks, here we are....getting started on the first day of the rest of our lives. As you (hopefully) know, we are quitting our jobs, selling house and home, and moving to Honduras to teach in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I've told people I was going to start a blog to keep them apprised of what's going on and what we are doing, so here it is. Caroline likes to take LOTS of pictures and I can be quite long-winded when it comes to typing (I know the idiom or whatever doesn't match...see what I mean about being long-winded???). Anyways, big things are happening now. The house is officially up for sale. We are using a great friend (Mark at Sanger Realty) to list it. I just sold my car last night to a very dear friend Jason. I hope it doesn't give him any problems. It's been kind of depressing not because we are getting rid of our stuff, but because I am having to fix up everything and clean it up and it all looks nice and shiney. All this stuff that has needed to be fixed is finally getting done and I wish I had done it sooner so I could have enjoyed it longer. Oh well, at least it's getting done.

We will be posting pictures and notes and hopefully keep this updated so if you want, you can see what God is doing in our lives.

We thank you all for supporting us and praying with and for us.

More to Come!