Friday, February 29, 2008

Honduras Baby Shower

On Wednesday, February 27, 2008, I had yet another baby shower. This shower included our church and teachers from the school. Mike has always wondered who would make my baby shower cake since I have made so many. There is this great lady (Robin Parsons) who made the baby shower cake and it was wonderful! I was so excited that someone spent the time to do that for me. We played lots of games like pin the baby clothes on the clothes line while holding a baby and a telephone...that was interesting! In the other picture, the ladies gathered around me and prayed for me. That was so neat. On the left side is mostly people from the Spanish speaking church that we attend and they prayed for me in Spanish. I could not understand most of what they were saying, but it was such a blessing and their prayers seemed so heartfelt. One of the ladies that prayed for me is also pregnant. She went to the doctor because of some pain that she was having from gall stones that she had and they discovered that she is 3 months pregnant. Please pray for her that her pain would end and that the rest of her pregnancy would be pleasant. She cannot have surgery because it would cause trauma to the baby. She has a one year old already and was surprised to be pregnant because she was still breastfeeding and had her tubes tied! The shower actually ended with us praying for her as well and that was wonderful too.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

No Power-No Hot Shower

A funny thing happened yesterday. To me. Shortly before we made our weekly shopping trip down the mountain, the power went out. This happens occasionally, and we go on about our lives here until it comes back on. Well, when we got back we had just enough time to put our food up and relax for a few minutes before we had to head back down the mountain to celebrate a friend's birthday. The power was still out but I wanted a shower...even if it was cold. So, I take my (quick) shower, freezing, muttering, and wondering if there was someway I could build a solar power generator. Caroline decides she will take a shower to to freshen up---the trip down the mountain is filled with toxic fumes and smog. I'm still drying off trying to rub the circulation back into my legs and fingers and as soon as she gets in, she says "Oh, the water isn't that cold. In fact, it's kind of warm. I promise, it's warm!" I thought she was kidding. She wasn't. From the time I got out of the shower to the time she got in (about a minute), the power came back on. In case you aren't aware, we don't have a hot water heater, but rather this contraption that IS the water heater. It's just a heating element (220v) that heats the water as it comes in contact. Around here it's affectionately called "the widow maker" cause you can get quite a shock from it if you touch it while the water is running. It won't kill you (don't ask- curiosity is one of my strong points), but it can indeed wake you up!---Mike