Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year Everyone,

As the year is ending and a new is beginning what a joy to reflect on all the Lord has given us. Our kids are growing so quickly and are such a blessing.

Jack (5 ½) finished preschool in May and started homeschool in August. He seems to be very math minded like his daddy! Jack finished gymnastics in the spring, swam at the pool during the summer and played T-ball for the first time this fall. He has been doing a homeschool PE class, which is so fun for him. He can ride his bike without training wheels! He loves running and ran the Ardmore 1 mile run again with his Daddy and ran the whole thing without stopping. He still loves coloring and making crafts and made lots of the things he entered in the fair. He started going to Awana in October and loves it. He sang in the Christmas concert at church, but doesn’t like to be in front of people!

Joel (3) loves riding his bike with training wheels and running. He loves playing with older kids and I believe he thinks he is five years old! Joel is tough and will not let anyone pick on him and is always standing his ground on what he believes to be true. He has very strong opinions and loves to pick out his own clothes and dress himself. He potty trained himself in September and is very independent. He ran his first race this summer and ran ½ mile of a 1 mile race. He can draw the best circles and likes making little stick figures. He is good at using the computer to play Curious George games, likes to do work with Jack when we are homeschooling, but likes playing with daddy’s phone best of all!

Jack and Joel both love all music by Justin Roberts ( They both are going to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) on Wednesdays and are enjoying learning about Jesus in the book of Matthew. They play together well and love to dress up and play super heroes.

In January, I started being a BSF children’s leader, which has been such a blessing to me. In February, The Kolmodins (friends from Honduras) came to visit! In March, my dad had to be hospitalized for congestive heart failure, but is now doing much better since my mom is monitoring “everything” he eats. In April, I had minor surgery and Mike had to take care of me. In May, Mike, Jack and Joel did the “kid” version of the Superhero Mud Run! Our neighbor, Natalie, went with Joel through the mud…what a woman! In June, we went to the Lake with my cousin and her kids and went paddle boating. In July, we celebrated out 11th anniversary. In August, one of Jack and Joel’s friends went to be with Jesus in heaven and we learned more about God’ sovereignty. In September, we had our floors redone in our house while we went to the beach with the Sangers. In October, we went to the fair and Jack won some ribbons! We also went trick or treating with our neighbors. In November, we went to visit our friends, the Griffins, who live south of Atlanta. We also were finally able to sell Mike’s mom’s house which had been on the market for about a year! In December, we went to Wilkesboro and visited my previous neighbor Mary, and I sang in the Christmas musical at Calvary, both were a blessing.

We are grateful to our great Savior and Redeemer, Jesus as we celebrate His birth!

Love, Mike, Caroline, Jack and Joel Fleischer (2013)