Tuesday, December 2, 2008


In Honduras they do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but the school takes the Thanksgiving holiday because of all of the American employees. Our pastor is an American and likes to have the Americans that go to the church over for Thanksgiving dinner. We all went to his in-laws house, which is the man (Jim) holding Jack in the picture. Below is all of the people that went to the dinner.

From left to right: Caroline, Mike, Jack, Andrea and her parents (in the back), Jim, Carla and her husband Nelson, Jenny, Bani and Herb (our pastor and his wife), and their daughter Carla.

Jack's Play Area

Now that Jack is mobile we needed to make him a separate play area. Our kitchen, dining area and living room are one small room. As you can see from the pictures there is a gate that keeps Jack out of the kitchen. The floor is tile and we got foam matting to put down in his area so that he does not bump his head. He is crawling and standing, but falls a lot! I tried to model Kathy Sanger's play area, but I did not have nearly enough toys!
Jack likes to laugh and he laughs at the funniest things. I started blowing on the standing toy trying to get rid of a hair that was on it and Jack started laughing uncontrollably. I am not sure why that was funny, but his daddy caught it on video! Enjoy!