Friday, June 27, 2008

Jack's First Airplane Ride

What a long day...we woke up at 4AM on Sunday, June 15th to come back to the states. Our van to the airport left at 5AM and we arrived at the airport a little before 6AM. Our flight was supposed to leave at 7:55AM, but didn't actually leave until after 9AM. We flew from Tegucigalpa to Guatemala City and then to Atlanta and then to Greensboro, NC. We arrived in Greensboro at 12:20AM on June 16th! Jack did very well, he slept most of the the flights and I nursed him when we felt our ears popping to make sure that his ears would be OK. He was only fussy on the flight once and it didn't last long. Laura Connley (a friend from Pinares) was with us most of the way and was a big help and quite entertaining. The pictures below are on the flight from Tegucigalpa to Guatemala City. The one with Jack wearing the check-in tag was Mike's idea! The last one is with my parents when we arrived in Greensboro! We were so tired when we got back. It was good that Granny was around to help with Jack so that we could get some extra sleep. Jack must have been really tired from the flight too because he slept for 9 hours on Monday night after the flight! We are so glad to be home!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's finally happening....

It's finally happening...we are coming home for the summer.'s Mike again. It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Yes, I do still exist despite the obvious limelight little Jack has taken in our lives. I have some evidence to prove that I've been busy. And don't be was bound to happen. I have developed a bit of, well, a bit of a balding spot. Not a bald spot per se, but a balding spot. I never believed in stress until now. I mean, I believed it existed, I just believed it really didn't affect me that way. I wonder if it's being a new dad, being a new teacher, or being in Honduras that has "done me in." Either way, I'm gettin' old! Please pray that we have a safe trip back home.---Mike

Coming Home

Every where you go you meet people that influence your life by changing the way that you think and the things you do. This year has definitely been a year of growth and changes. When we first got here all I could was talk about all the things that I did not like about Honduras...the bugs, the diesel fumes, lack of transportation, not being to go anywhere we wanted, not having access to things that I thought were “basic.” The first two months I was here (in Honduras) I did not want to be here. I wanted to be with my friends and family and in the states where things are “normal.” Nothing seemed normal here. I still think things are not “normal,” but my idea of “normal” is different than it was a little less than a year ago. I love being able to walk outside my door and walk across the courtyard and go visit people, or just borrow a cup of sugar. I have loved people coming over to visit the baby or just hang out and watch TV (our computer screen) at the spur of the moment. The doctors that we have had before and after Jack was been born have been wonderful. The doctors here are really people oriented too, not like most I have seen in the states that are in a hurry to get patients in and out. The weather most of the year was wonderful (except the past month when it has been so hot and dry, still not as hot as North Carolina summer.) It has been nice to be able to just walk outside my door and visit the students on campus anytime I want (and sometimes they come over and visit...surprise!) There is a strong sense of community among the teachers, which I love. I have also enjoyed living a more frugal life. There are so many things that we do not need and we can live with so much less. We have learned to eat in more (all the time) and with a lot less convenience foods. We have learned to entertain ourselves when we loose power. We appreciate warm showers, hot food and cold drinks. People are much more important than possessions...culture in the states is so possession oriented at times. When you have less you enjoy life more...I think. Honduras is still not my favorite place on Earth (Boone is, of course) but we can't wait to come home to the states on June 15th to see our family and friends and to share the experiences we have had here.

I don’t know that I can completely say this fact I know I can’t, but I am certainly closer now than I was a year ago:

Philippians 4:12

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

These are pictures of Caroline’s care group and the ladies’ prayer group in Honduras: