Monday, January 19, 2009

On the know...Playground!

It is very important for Jack to get outside...2 reasons...he needs Vitamin D from the sun and our place is so small he needs to get out (and so does his mommy). It is nice being so close to school and a good place to walk. We also live close to some friends. I have a friend named Patti that has a 5 month old (Alejandro), a little boy that just turned 2 (Diego), and a daughter that is 9 (Marjorie). Diego loves to run and play and wear his sister out! The pictures below are from a visit to the playground. Jack mainly watched, but seemed to be content doing that! Marjorie did take him down the slide, which he seemed to like. Patti enjoyed her break and was very grateful!

Dancing for the Lord

When we came to Honduras we signed contracts that said that we would not smoke, drink or DANCE! I think that they did not want us to go clubbing and that was the main reason for the rule. I guess the rules do not apply to Jack. I don't know where he learned it, but he just suddenly started dancing. I tried to video it several times when I was alone with him, but he was too distracted by the camera. Saturday night we had friends over and I could catch Jack on video. Kyle Webb is holding Jack's toy computer, but Kyle is not dancing...he is only imitating the baby...really!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Visit

While we were in the states we visited a lot. We didn't get pictures with everyone this time, but you get the idea! We had a great time and Jack especially liked getting spoiled! I finally got some sleep and I am now a much nicer person to be around! We all discovered that we are used to the humidity in Honduras and dried out with all the heat. Jack's poor cheeks were so red, he really did look like Santa.
The Muellers................Jack standing on Christopher
Jarrod, Christian, Christopher, Mike.....Jack and Granny
Amy, Tommy and Jack
Christopher and Jack..........Mike, Jack and Granny
Grandpa, Jack Mike and Caroline.......Granny, Jack and Caroline

Papa and Jack................Anna and David with Jack
Tommy and Christopher

Little Santa
Sam (Mike's brother), Tiffany and Jack.........Grandma and Jack

Superman, Mike and Jack's rosie cheeks!
Max and Joan..........................and Amy
Jack's little friends!
Jack's adopted Great-Grandma

Jack's biggest present from Grandma..

The closest we could get to Santa!......Aunt Maybelline and Jarrod

Jack's third present from Granny!!!

Jack with our dog Annie........Jack's second present from Orbelina