Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Honduran Suprise

Packing to come to Honduras was very stressful and tiring. I was very grumpy and wanted to smack Mike most of the time. I had never felt that way before and thought that it was the stress of packing up everything we owned. Once we got to Honduras, I was so tired and so out of breath. I had been hiking at Grandfather Mountain (which is a higher elevation than where we are) and had not been out of breath like when I got here. After being here a week and still being out of breath and tired, I thought that something was wrong. I just took a pregnancy test at the end of June that was negative, but I thought that I might as well check and see if that was why I was so tired and out of breath. I didn't have a pregnancy test on hand, so I borrowed one from the couple next door. On August 9, 2007, the above picture is what came of the pregnancy test I took. The neighbor did not have the directions sheet for the pregnancy test, so she took one and compared the results. They were different, so then we had to look it up on-line and I found out that I was pregnant. I didn't tell anyone in the states until I had my first doctor's visit on September 7th and knew for sure. The picture here is the picture of the first ultrasound.

Seeing Mike's face at the doctor during that ultrasound was priceless. The doctor told us that the expected due date is March 30th. Our second appointment was October 8th. Dr. Figueroa was pleased that the placenta is in a good place and the baby has a good heartbeat. At that time I was 15 weeks and he could not be 100% sure of the baby's gender. We have another appointment on November 5th and hopefully he can tell then. Even still, green and yellow are good colors in baby clothes!

We are so thankful to have this wonderful blessing in our lives and thank God for His blessing on us. We had been trying to have a baby for 2 and 1/2 years and we are for certain that God has perfect timing and this is His timing!

Caroline and Baby

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More pictures from Amapala

I thought that you should see more pictures than pigs on the beach!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Track Team

Well, I suddenly have more free time now that track is over. I am very thankful to be done with that so that I can do some sewing and paper grading! This is a picture of our entire track team!

I have missed coaching with Scott Brent, Kenny McClellan and Allen Rice...but this chair reminded me of them...there is a chair almost exactly like this at North Forsyth where all of the track supplies are located!!! This chair was at the track where we practice and have meets!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Outside our door

About 50 feet from our front door is the guard house/gate. Every so often, the guards "serenade" us around dinner time. It's really kind of neat to enjoy your meal with the sound of "Honduran Bluegrass" wafting in the front door with the cool evening air. This is a quick clip of this evening's entertainment.---Mike

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The rainy season at track time...

Here is a quick video of the track meet getting rained out. They actually thought about "waiting it out"....In this video, a kid is showing us his diving skills.

It rained for an hour. And then we went home. They say October is the most rainy month. I believe it. We get buckets of rain for an hour or two, then, almost like the sky is taking a break to fill back up, it starts again. We have had some sunny days, but not many.---Mike

SLACKER!!! (and a quick trip to Amapala)

FINALLY!!!! A new post. It's about time. I know and greatly apologize to you all. We have been busy with track (It's over, at least, it was until the last meet had to be rescheduled due to LOTS of rain), school, and even a trip to Amapala. This was a scene from our visit there. Yes....those are pigs on the beach...they were friendly enough but we "steer"ed clear of them. Amapala is a dormant volcano with black (and kinda dirty) beaches. We stayed here a few weeks ago : and here is the gallery of more

Here is a link in google maps...I hope this works:

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We got to the beach about 10:30 and around 11:00 the people who were running the "restaurant" came out with a few fresh fish, some really big shrimp, and lobster and asked us if we would like some for lunch. They took our order and an hour or so later we were sitting down to a nice meal for about $5.00. I had just given a test a few days before and needed to get them graded before we got back. So I got in the water for an hour or so and then got out to grade papers. It was nice to get away and see some more of Honduras but I wish I could have enjoyed it more but them kids need them grades.
More posts coming up....