Monday, February 23, 2009


Over the weekend we went to a Baptist camp here in Honduras on a teacher retreat. It was about a 4 hour drive to the retreat, but it was probably only 2 hours away. There are pictures below of Mike participating in some group bonding and we went to visit a waterfall. The waterfall is only 8 meters shorter than Niagra Falls and Mike went in behind it. There is also a picture of the group that he was with that went behind the waterfall. He loved it! He also went to the top of waterfall and looked over the edge! I didn't do either of those things...some things are better left to the imagination. The retreat was good. We actually got to hear our pastor preach for the first time in English and that was great!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Naked Baby

We had been wanting to make some naked pictures of Jack for his future girlfriend/wife and here they are! He was so hyper after we took the pictures he would hardly go to sleep!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dogs, Woodpeckers and Garbage Trucks..

You know when the garbage man comes to get the trash there is always this loud beeping noise...well there is not that here, but there are other things that seem to have an alarm and go off just when you don't want to wake up. We just got a dog on February 3rd that we are taking care of for another couple that can't have a dog in the apartments. He is actually a puppy named Gideon and he is 8 weeks old tomorrow! I thought that babies were tiring, but this puppy has a thousand times more energy than Jack! He has been howling at all hours and the first night we had him really kept us up, but he has gotten better since. There are pictures of him and Jack below. Also, I thought that woodpeckers were called that because they peck on wood, not cement block houses!!! Anyway, at 6AM almost every morning we are greeted with a sound that is similar to a jackhammer on the outside of our bedroom wall! Does anyone know how to get rid of them besides shooting them??? Actually, they are very beautiful birds, apparently they are all good looks with no sense!