Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day of Rest

Today I am spending the day in the apartment just like yesterday because Mike and I ate something bad on Tuesday night...we think it was some carrots, but who knows? This morning I had even more time for my quiet time. I am redoing the Bible study "A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place: The Tabernacle." It is a Beth Moore study that I did about 5 years ago and got 3/4th of the way finished, but never finished. Those Bible studies take so long to do and I always felt rushed doing them. For me, they take longer to do because there is so much information in them that I can never finish in the time they allot. I have gotten so much out of doing it at my pace. This morning the study was talking about how God created the Earth in six days and then he rested. Since He created the day and the night and that is considered a day, then I believe it is literally six days and not thousands of years. He worked for six days and rested on the seventh day. Does God get so tired that He needs to rest??? I think He wanted to show us a model of what we should do.

Last December when I was working at FROG (Fully rely on God) ministry at South Side Baptist the kids had to do an activity in which they had to list their wants and needs. I decided to do this list and I even hung it on our refrigerator until we moved here. My main want was a baby, the others I can't remember now, but my needs I remember well. I needed the people that I was working with to be nice to me, I needed less stress in my life and I needed more free time for myself and to spend with the Lord. Well, I can truly say that the things that I needed and wanted most God has brought those to my life. God has blessed us with the gift of life with a baby boy to be born soon, God has blessed me with some wonderful, Christian adults to work with that are our friends and coworkers, He has blessed us with more time to spend with each other and with Him which has given us less stress. I had no idea when I made that list that God would provide those things for us. Life here is harder in many ways and it was certainly hard to leave our family and friends, but God has truly provided for all of our needs. After being home for Christmas and the busyness that was our Christmas vacation I realized that even though I missed my family and friends that God brought us here to do His work and to provide for our deepest needs and one of my deepest needs was to spend more time with the Lord.

When we have power we try to listen to the Calvary worship service on-line. This morning the music was wonderful and in between one of the songs the pastor talked about going outside at 4:30AM on Saturday morning and looking at the snow and how in our busy lives we don't always get to enjoy God's creation. It is so true. When I was in the states I didn't really get to have a "day of rest" and now that I have that I don't know that I can go back to that busy life. God calls us to do all kinds of things, but busyness is not one of them...there is no where in the Bible that talks about being as busy as you can, but He does talk about rest. I believe that God has called us here to witness to our students and both of us have specific things that the Lord wants us to do here, but I believe He brought us here to teach us to rely on Him and rest in Him. -Caroline

Here are a couple pictures of the Statue of Jesus Christ in El Picacho City Park overlooking Tegucigalpa- it is a big statue of Jesus overlooking the city similar to the one in Rio De Janeiro. We went there in the middle of September, but never put the pictures on the blog. In the picture of the mountain the statue is about 10:00 from the Coca-Cola sign.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby Shower and Honduras Medical Center

We had two great baby showers while in the states given by some great people. We have been so blessed. God has provided for all of our needs and more and we are so grateful.
We had our most recent doctor's visit to Honduras Medical Center on Monday, January 7th when we returned to Honduras. The doctor again said that we are having a boy! He said he was about 2 1/2 lbs. and that we were both doing well. I am currently 28 weeks. Our baby boy is supposed to be due on March 30th, so I hope that is the case. I will stop teaching around February 15th to start my six weeks of maternity leave before the baby is born. I am very excited about being able to stay home with the baby. Here are some pictures from the baby showers and Honduras Medical (the location of my doctor and where the baby will be delivered.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby Showers and Nice Hot Showers

Well, we had great time coming back for the Christmas break. Caroline had two showers thrown for at Mary Lockhart's and another at Antioch UM (her mom's church). We were so blessed by everyone's generosity and kindness. We got LOTS of blue stuff. The many blue items were appropriate as was confirmed yet again by the doctor visit yesterday. Dr. Figeuero is a very good doctor and we are lucky to have him. Here is a picture of just outside the the hospital where the little one will be born.
Oh yeah, school started back this past Monday. I think coming back after a nice break like we had is harder than beginning the new school year. It was nice to see everyone again but we are still pretty tired from visiting ALMOST everyone we know. Hopefully, if we missed you we will get to see you over the summer, although it may be interrupted with the occasional "WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" If you're reading this, you are probably a good sport and won't mind the "music."----Mike